Customers reviews

Thank you for a great product! I am actually not expecting a lot because it is my first time to order online and thankfully, my experience was with you guys. Not only your staff are super friendly, but your products are just as awesome! I hope you continue your great works in the future!
Robert Randall
I can’t believe that you have an insane customer service! I received an item that was destroyed due to the mishandling of the courier but you have assisted me to have it returned and have it changed. The replacement was superb and I am now enjoying the benefits. Thank you very much!
Michael Stuart
Although you mentioned that if it’s free shipping, you’ll reserve the items in 10 days, I was surprised to get it in the fourth day. That was such an amazing service! It’s my first time to experience that and I wasn’t expecting that it will come from you guys! Well done!
Monica Young
For the price you pay, the product is actually quite decent if not one of the best as compared to other modems in the same price range. The guide is very straightforward that even those who have no prior experience in setting up can follow it. Just don’t get overwhelmed with the instructions.
Frank Burton
The site is very straightforward. You will easily find what you are looking for. You can also compare products which is amazing. And if you register as a member by opting in, you can receive vouchers and exclusive deals. All my routes and modems at home are from this site.
Linda Howe